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Serial Number Search

By entering, in the field below, the serial number of a bicycle, you can check if it is declared stolen in our database or has an owner.

Please make sure that you input the serial number using English characters and be careful with spaces ( ), zeros (0) and the letters O (O). The field is case sensitive.

 Type the frame’s serial number in the field below and click Search.

The frame number you typed has an OWNER.

If you recently purchased this bike as second hand, please register your details here.

If you are checking us out, do not worry, we still have your covered! Please login here to check the data you registered.

The frame number you typed is not found in our database as having an owner or as being stolen!

If you are buying this bike, we cannot guarantee 100% that is not stolen. Please ask for a proof of purchase from the current owner. If you want to register this bike as your own please do so here.

The frame number you typed is found in our database as STOLEN!

Please provide us your contact details here so that we can inform the owner.

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