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Check  A  Bike

You can Register your bicycle,

Report it as Stolen,

or Check a bicycle if it is reported as Stolen.



Check a bicycle’s chassis number to avoid buying stolen goods.


Do not forget to use our Bicycle Purchase Agreement provided.


Register your bicycle.


This way you can prove that you are the owner.


Report a bike theft here!


This way we can increase the chances of reuniting the bicycle to the rightful owner.

How it Works

Check a Bike is a FREE service where you can register a bicycle via its serial number stamped on the frame (VIN) or check if the vehicle is listed as stolen in our database. Thieves often try to sell stolen bicycles in the quickest and easiest way. This can often be through classified ad sites, social media, on the street, or secondhand bike stores. Our service offers a quick and easy way to check whether the bicycle you are looking to buy is registered as stolen in our database. This will not help if the previous owner did not register the bike, but at least you are taking steps to ensure you are not handling stolen goods. We also offer the option to report stolen bicycles via our dedicated form. This way we are increasing the chances of returning the stolen vehicles to their rightful owners.

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